A Place for Small Businesses to Reach Their Giant Potential

Titan Grove is a long term private investor employing a BUY, BUILD & HOLD investment strategy
Our Name reflects our core values and the main tenets of our investment philosophy

Titan Grove Holdings is the private investment group of the founders of Fir Tree Partners, a 22 year old multi-strategy global investment firm with approximately $10 billion of capital under management.

Titan Grove seeks to acquire controlling interests in small-to-middle market enduring businesses in a wide range of sectors and transaction types. We are particularly adept at complex or difficult situations, where our permanent capital advantage, flexibility and broad capabilities can make a significant difference to our partners in enacting meaningful change in the strategic, financial or operational profile of the businesses in which we invest.

How Titan Grove is Different

  • Permanent Capital
    Our capital is evergreen, empowering us to build businesses and invest over the long term without the constraints of a pre-determined exit
  • High Level of Alignment
    The capital we invest is our own, which makes us highly disciplined and aligned with our portfolio company managers and co-investors
  • Low Use of Leverage
    We use little or no financial leverage to execute acquisitions, enabling us to move with speed and certainty in order to ensure our portfolio companies can thrive in difficult environments
  • Complex Transactions
    We excel when working with businesses in strategic, financial or operational transition that may be complex and difficult, and where our creativity, experience, capital flexibility and long term focus can make a significant difference to our partners
    Fir Tree is among the most successful and innovative funds over the last 22 years. With approximately $10 billion of capital under active management, we possess wide ranging resources, contacts and capabilities on a global basis