Who We Are

Our name reflects our core values and the main tenets of our investment philosophy

The Grove of Titans in northern California is home to the largest community of awe-inspiring trees that exist on the planet, the great coastal redwoods. Within this grove, many of the worlds’ largest redwoods have been allowed to grow and thrive, some for over 1,000 years, withstanding the natural forces which befall most other organisms. Given the opportunity to methodically expand under the right conditions, these once small seeds each weighing less than 50 grams have grown into the largest living organisms on earth towering over 300 feet into the air. The Grove boasts the Lost Monarch and the Del Norte Titan, the largest coastal redwoods on earth.

Despite its amazing beauty, the Grove of Titans is a place that few have visited. Although the grove is near many marked trails, it continues to elude the people as most are either unwilling or unable to go off the traditional trails in search of something truly unique.

We believe that the Grove of Titans is the perfect metaphor for our investment philosophy and core values

  • We seek to go off the beaten path to find opportunities that are rare and rewarding
  • We value going the extra difficult mile to reach higher goals
  • We seek to own enduring businesses of strength with vast potential despite their initial
    small size
  • We value businesses capable of weathering adversity that are able to change and adapt
  • Our capital is permanent and therefore are focused on the long term, where if properly nurtured, an enterprise can continue to expand and grow to new heights