NorthOcean Industries

Titan Grove has committed equity capital to NorthOcean Industries to support the acquisition efforts of Chris and Tom. We invest in businesses that are ENDURING in nature and are seeking platform acquisitions in North America of small-to-middle market companies in the following industries:

  • Protective
  • Food
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Hoisting & Rigging Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Specialized Components
  • Energy Support Services
  • Food
Investment Thesis Seeking non-commoditized, packaging companies which we believe will continue to capitalize on the growing importance of public safety, food security and packaging as a source of marketing differentiation Seeking value-added distribution plays of differentiated asset light logistic or distribution companies which we believe will continue to benefit from globalization and economic competition Seeking niche, high performance manufacturing companies strategically embedded within supply chains which will stand to gain from the US onshore manufacturing resurgence
Investment Criteria
  • Control-oriented transactions in small-to-middle market companies
  • Broad range of transactions in situations where catalysts can increase long-term value
  • Annual operating profit in the range of $2-25 million
  • Sustainable operating margins in excess of 10%

We are particularly adept at complex or difficult situations, where our permanent capital advantage, flexibility and broad capabilities can make a significant difference to our partners in enacting meaningful change in the financial or operational profile of the businesses in which we invest.