Sewickley Environmental Solutions

Titan Grove has partnered with Sewickley Environmental Solutions, led by environmental services and water industry veteran Damian Georgino, to pursue platform acquisitions. Sewickley Environmental Solutions is building a full cycle, technology-enabled and sustainable environmental solutions company which can more effectively address the evolving global water and wastewater markets and the increasingly complex needs of the unconventional oil and gas industry. Sewickley Environmental Solutions will operate in the nexus of energy, the environment and water and seeks to acquire platform enterprises in the following industries:

  • Water & Wastewater
  • Energy Services
  • Environmental Solutions

Sewickley Environmental Solutions combines Titan Grove’s permanent, flexible capital base with proven operating partners with deep industry and operational experience. Our collective expertise creates a powerful combination that provides companies with a unique alternative to traditional forms of private equity capital.

  • Deep operational experience in acquisitions, business development, management and the integration of businesses in a hyper-growth environment
  • Flexible capital that can move with speed and certainty
  • Long term value-creation mandate through our permanent capital base
  • Ongoing access to capital over an extended time period
  • Substantial expertise with family owned businesses and generational transitions
  • Relationship with Fir Tree Partners providing access to world class resources


Sewickley is a borough in western Pennsylvania. According to some historians, Sewickley is a Native American word meaning “sweet water” in reference to the mighty Ohio River which for centuries has been the lifeblood of the area. As in the past, water continues to be the lifeblood of human existence, economic development, energy and commerce.