Our Strategy

Titan Grove maintains a Permanent Capital advantage, benefitting our portfolio companies

The capital which Titan Grove invests is not time constrained, but instead permanent. Unlike many private equity investment strategies, Titan Grove does not go into an investment with a pre-defined exit time horizon based on fund-raising cycles, rather a singular focus as to whether the business can create value over an extended period of time. As a result, investment decisions in product, market expansion, infrastructure, and talent acquisition are not viewed in the context of whether it will impact an impending exit date. Instead, irrespective of how many years after the initial investment, we focus as to whether such investment or action is the right thing for the long term vitality of the enterprise.

Permanent capital is a significant advantage in being opportunistic and capitalizing on rare or episodic events. It is difficult for any organization to predict the timing of overall market cycles, competitive changes or unique investment opportunities. Many times, companies that are geared towards a pre-ordained exit date are constrained from capitalizing on special opportunities solely due to timing. Recognizing the vagaries of market cycles, Titan Grove places a heavy emphasis on opportunism. We view our investments from a perspective that every day is a new beginning in terms of how value can continue to be grown or enhanced.