Our Strategy

Our portfolio companies start out small, but we think big
To drive returns, we look to fundamental operating leverage, intelligent re-investment of profits and building scale through strategic add-on acquisitions

Titan Grove is focused on seeing its businesses thrive over an extended period of time and grow into meaningful leaders in their served markets. We seek to work productively with our portfolio companies on a multi-staged growth plan designed to ensure its businesses achieve the lasting benefits inherent in scale.

As many of the businesses in which Titan Grove invests are undergoing significant change, the first order of business is to make sure the business is put on solid footing and proactively address the issues which have been the source of historical disruption. This involves reinvigorating the corporate culture towards one of growth and expansion through such strategies as (a) placing significant focus on achieving early wins that capitalize on the businesses core competency, (b) ensuring the business has adequate liquidity and cushion to freely operate, (c) allocating growth investment into key areas which may have been neglected, and (d) bolstering reporting and information systems so that management has adequate resources to monitor and evaluate their progress.

We are highly focused on leveraging, building and defending the core competencies of the businesses in which we invest. That requires detailed planning for the future and having a strong understanding on the steps to get there and measuring our progress through important benchmarks and milestones along the way. Working with management, we develop a comprehensive three year operating plan that seeks to leverage this core competency with key goals of gaining market share, increasing efficiencies to improve margins, and allocating capital for future expansion activities.

Once the core of the business is on solid footing and a compelling organic growth plan is established, we also look towards inorganic growth to fulfill our expansion plan and gain scale. A key element to the Titan Grove strategy is a focused add-on acquisition program that seeks to capitalize on the company’s position in the marketplace. The principals at Titan Grove have substantial experience in building businesses through an add-on program and are valuable additive resources in the areas of identification, negotiation, execution and integration of tuck-in acquisitions and strategic mergers.

Benefits of Building Through Add-On’s

When properly executed, a targeted add-on strategy can deliver meaningful value to the business and its owners, including:

  • Augmenting organic growth, especially in difficult economic environments
  • Consolidating market position through consolidation of capabilities and infrastructure
  • Delivering meaningful cost savings by leveraging the scale benefits of the enterprise
  • Sensibly utilizing both free cash flow and leverage capacity to increase shareholder value
  • Lowering the enterprises’ cost of capital through building of scale