Who We Are

Titan Grove was formed to own a highly selective group of enduring private businesses capable of delivering superior long term compounding returns for the shared benefit of employees and owners. The professionals we work with, at all levels in our companies, are critical to our success. Therefore, we recruit and train world-class people with a common set of values and a shared passion for building businesses of lasting scale. Our focus is to foster a proactive team-oriented approach capable of marshaling the collective resources needed to enact positive change to the companies in our portfolio.

We operate in a dynamic and complicated environment and must achieve continual improvement in all our endeavors to realize the excellence we desire. We place significant importance on being life-long learners and innovators as accepting the status quo will not secure our long-term success. We not only value doing well economically, but also doing good socially, and are mindful of the impact our actions have on our community. How we deal with others is critical to our lasting success, so we continually build and improve upon our reputation through acting with honesty, integrity and discipline.